Four in One – Adjustable Toe Ring

Materials: sterling silver,14k gold filled,mixed metals,two tone


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Chapman Jewelry is the leader in Adjustable Toe Rings and here are some reasons:

1) We know that “one size fits all” Adjustable Toe Rings can fit UNCOMFORTABLY. To solve that, we offer four adjustable sizes – SM, MED, LG, XL – for the perfect and comfortable fit!!!

2) We offer EASY RING RESIZE/EXCHANGE on our rings. Rings need to be in unworn, brand new condition. You just pay one-way shipping! Overseas resizing is $9.95.

3) We have 40 years of full-time experience in selling Toe Rings, both in the field and online. We are masterclass in our market. We truly love what we do, and we love our customers too!!!

*One way to determine your toe size is using half of your shoe size, or your full pinkie size (80% accurate). With an adjustable Toe Ring you can also make an educated guess as there is flexibility in the fit.


• With a piece of string or dental floss, wrap it snug but not tight at the part of the toe where you want the ring will lay (on the toes, typically between the knuckles) and mark it where the ends meet.
• Lay your measured string on the mm side of a ruler and get a mm measurement.
• Look up your size on the chart below.


39 mm = size 1
40 mm = size 1.5
42 mm = size 2
43 mm = size 2.5


44 mm = size 3
46 mm = size 3.5
47 mm = size 4
48 mm = size 4.5


49 mm = size 5
51 mm = size 5.5


52 mm = size 6
53 mm = size 6.5

A well dressed foot is just SOOO pretty! Once you get hooked you will never go back!
We use only the finest of metals to hand make our rings, 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.

Included in your order:

• GIFT BOX and pretty pink dot paper wrap
• INSTRUCTIONS for a perfect fit
• RESIZE CARD in case you mis-sized and need to exchange

.To keep your rings shiny and get the most wear, we recommend AVOIDING wearing them in:

a) rough bottom swimming pools
b) heavily chlorinated swimming pools,
hot tubs, mineral springs
c) while cleaning with bleach products

14K Gold Filled has an average lifespan of 2-4 years following the above instructions
Sterling Silver has an average lifespan of 4-10 years following the above instructions