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Toe Rings - Sized
Solid 14k Gold

 Most Styles Available in White Gold

Once you wear a custom fitted toe ring, you won’t believe the comfort , durability, and beauty. These toe rings are also gorgeous in  stacked combinations. Great for fingers and knuckles too!

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Use our thin, classic, bead, or braid  toe rings  to stack top and bottom with a feature toe ring for a classic look.

Thin Band Toe Ring

Thin Band
Our thin 1 mm band is great by itself or in a stacked combination.
Item #TR100-14K

$60.00 Yellow
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Classic Band Toe Ring

Classic Band
This classic ring stands alone or stacks with other toe rings.
Item #TR101-14K  TR101-14K-W

$80.00 - Yellow
$80.00 - White


The V  Toe Ring

The V
A classic look. The chevron looks great on any finger or toe.

Item #TR116-14K

$85.00 Yellow
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Wavy Toe Ring

This toe ring looks great by itself or in a stacked combination.
Item #TR108-14K

$90.00 Yellow
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 Braid Toe Ring

A Toe Ring basic. Wear it by itself or as a part of a stacked combo.
Item #TR103-14K

$80.00 Yellow
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Wavy Toe Ring

A This dramatic ring looks striking by itself, or is an excellent stacker
Item #TR103-14K

$90.00 Yellow
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Classics with Bead - stacked
 One of our best selling stacks
Item #CMB101-14k

$250.00 Yellow
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Medium Braid Toe Ring

Medium Braid
A beautiful hand braided ring.
Item #TR106-14K

$90.00 Yellow
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Diamond Cut Toe Ring

Diamond Cut
Our best selling toe ring. Our staff all wears at least one of these!
Item #TR102-14K  TR102-14K-W

$75.00 - Yellow
$75.00 - White


Crown Set CZ's Toe Ring

Crown Set CZ’s
 Five 2.5 mm cubic zirconias channel set in a solid 14k band.
Item #TR104-14K  TR104-14K-W

$180.00 -Yellow
$180.00 - White


Eternity Band CZ's Toe Ring

 Eternity Band CZ’s
An eternity toe ring of sparkling two point CZ’s simulate diamonds
Item #TR107-14K  TR107-14K-W

$180.00 -Yellow
$180.00 - White


Eternity Band CZ with Classics - stacked
A gorgeous stack.
Item #TRC07-14K

$340.00 -Yellow
$340.00 - White

XOXO Toe Ring

 In Hawaii, Honi Honi means to greet with hugs and kisses .
Item #TR111-14K

$135.00 Yellow
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Heart Lei Toe Ring

Hawaiian Hearts
The Maile Leaf used for this design, means long life and unity.
Item #TR110-14K

$135.00 Yellow
$135.00  White

Maile Leaf Lei Toe Ring

Maile Leaf Lei
A continuous band of gorgeous diamond cut Maile Leaves.
Item #TR112-14K

$135.00 Yellow
$135.00 White

Plumeria Lei Toe Ring

Plumeria Lei
A continuous band of beautifully detailed Plumeria Flowers.
Item #TR113-14K

$135.00 Yellow
$135.00 White

Haku Lei Toe Ring

Haku Lei
This lei is the lovely Plumeria Flower and the Maile Leaf.
Item #TR114-14K

$135.00 Yellow
$135.00 White

Puanani Lei Toe Ring

Puanani Lei
A design of Plumeria flowers, and traditional Hawaiian Scroll.
Item #TR115-14K

$135.00 Yellow
$135.00 White



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