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Toe Rings - Adjustable
14k Gold-Filled

 For those who want to decorate their toes without the commitment of a sized toe ring.

*One size fits all!

Daisy Toe Ring

A continuous band of beautiful daisys. A perinneal favorite!
Item #TRA37-GV

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Triple with Braid Toe Ring

Triple with Braid
Two gold Classics with a gold Braid center.
Item #TRA42-GF

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Double V Toe Ring

Double “V”
Two perfectly stacked “V” toe rings attatched as one.
Item #TRA16-GF

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The Scroll Toe Ring

The Scroll
Artsy and Feminine.
Item #TRA08-GF

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Sweet Hearts Toe Ring

Sweet Hearts
A full band of beautiful open cut hearts.
Item #TRA07-GF

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Medium Braid Toe Ring

Medium Braid
When the Braid isn’t quite enough and you want more.
Item #TRA05-GF

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Eternity Ring Toe RIng

Eternity Ring
Elegance and Style.
Item #TRA33-GF

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Medium Classic Toe Ring

Medium Classic
Sophisticated and understated.
Item #TRA02-GF

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Bold Classic Toe Ring

Bold Classic
This one stands alone. Comfort and looks combined.
Item #TRA03-GF

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Free Form Toe Ring

Free Form
Three wires hand braided in an open weave.
Item #TRA11-GF

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Four in one Toe Ring

Four in one
Four dainty rings in one.
Item #TRA10-GF

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Dangle Heart Toe Ring

Dangle Heart
Our Classic band with a dainty heart dangle.
Item #TRA43-GF

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OpenCut Flower Toe Ring

OpenCut Flower
A favorite pick!
Item #TRA29-GF

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   The following toe rings adjust on top.

Dolphin Toe Ring

Dolphin Coil
Two playful dolphins.
Item #TRA35-GV

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The Coil Toe Ring

The Coil
Our most dramatic toe ring. Also our answer to long and hard to fit toe.
Item #TRA09-GF

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Moon & Star Wrap Toe Ring

Moon & Star Wrap
This ring is heaven sent.
Item #TRA31-GF

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The Swirl Toe Ring

The Swirl
This was our original adjustable style...and still a favorite.
Item #TRA32-GF

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Butterfly Toe Ring

Two detailed dancing butterflies.
Item #TRA17-GF

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Snake Wrap Toe Ring

Snake Wrap
Unique and Exotic.
Item #TRA30-GF

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