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General FAQ’s

What metals do you use, how long do they last, and are they hypoallergenic?

14K Gold Filled:  14K Gold Filled is a federally regulated amount of 14K gold (5%) bonded to a base metal, usually brass. It is the next best thing to solid 14K gold.  It has no nickel in it and is considered hypoallergenic. It will not tarnish or discolor your skin.  The finish will last one to five years under heavy wear (like a ring) and a lifetime under occasional wear (like an ear cuff). Many customers confuse gold-filled (which has a least 10 times more gold content) with gold tone or gold plate, which can sometimes last only days or weeks.

Sterling Silver:  Sterling Silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is used as a hardener as pure silver is too soft for jewelry applications.  Sterling Silver is the standard for fine jewelry and is the whitest of all metals. It is considered hypoallergenic. It requires polishing to keep a shiny luster to the metal.  Chemicals in some pools and hot tubs can tarnish silver. It may discolor on some people with high acidic levels but can always be re-polished.

Niobium:  Niobium is a precious metal used in both the medical and the jewelry industry. It is one of the most hypoallergenic metals known to man.  It is naturally silver-gray in color, and turns beautiful colors when different voltages of electricity are applied.  The color is embedded into the metal and does not “rub off”.  We have many customers who are allergic to all metals including solid gold, but can wear Niobium.

Vermeil: Vermeil is a heavy gold plate (100 mils or more) over sterling silver. We use 14K gold vermeil when the fabrication procedures prevent us from using 14K gold filled.  It is the next best thing to 14K gold-filled.

Gold Plate: Gold Plate can be any amount of gold over any base metal.  We use a minimum of 20 mils of 14K gold over a solid brass base.  This is considered a good quality gold plate. We do not manufacture “heavy wear” jewelry in gold plate ( rings or toe rings) but use it in some ear cuff, anklet, and charm applications.

Silver Plate: Silver Plate can be any amount of silver over any base metal.  We use a minimum of 100 mils of silver over a solid brass base.  This is considered a good quality silver plate. We use it in some ear cuff applications.

Solid 14K Gold:  14K Gold is the standard for fine jewelry in the United States.  It is made to last many lifetimes.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Avoid hairspray and perfume near your jewelry. Store your jewelry away from moist areas (bathroom), and preferably in a box or a zip lock bag.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Here are four easy cleaning methods:

Method 1: Mix a teaspoon of ammonia and dish soap, in cup of water.  Soak jewelry, then brush with a soft toothbrush as needed. Rinse and dry.

Method 2: Rub some toothpaste with a paper towel or old toothbrush. Rinse and dry.

Method 3: Use a jewelers polishing cloth (buy at the hardware or drug store).

Method 4: Use silver cleaning paste or dip (buy at the hardware or drug store).

Choose the correct method above, for the metal below:

Gold Filled: 1, 2, 3

Sterling Silver: 1, 2, 3, 4

Niobium: 1

Vermeil: 1, 2

Gold Plate: 1, 2

Silver Plate: 1, 2

Solid 14K Gold: 1, 2, 3 

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