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General FAQ’s - Foot FAQ’s - Ear FAQ’s

Foot FAQ’s

What is a “sized” Toe Ring?

A “sized” Toe Ring is a full band (like a regular ring), requiring an accurate measuring or size of the toe.  It can be worn full time, in and out of shoes, and is very comfortable. We recommend a “sized” Toe Ring for most people, and offer sizing methods on our GET SIZED page.

 What is an “adjustable” Toe Ring?

An “adjustable” Toe Ring has an opening on the top or bottom. It cuffs or wraps the toe and can be made bigger or smaller as needed.  We recommend “adjustables” for these instances:

1)    Pregnancy
2)    Regular severe swelling
3)    Gift purchase
4)    Occasional wear in open toe shoes
5)    Do not want to get sized
6)    Peanut shape toe with rigid tip

What is a peanut shape toe?

A peanut shape toe is just like it sounds. If your toe is shaped like a peanut and the tip is pronounced and rigid, chances are you will be better off with an adjustable or coil Toe Ring.

Which foot and which toe does one wear a Toe Ring?

The most comfortable toes to wear a ring are the index toe (the one next to the big toe) and the middle toe. For most people it fits past the fat pad and before the knuckle in the center of the toe.  Occasionally, we come across a toe where the ring fits at the base.  Having said that, many of our customers are now adding rings to their fourth and even pinkie toes in combinations of five or more rings per foot. Which foot left or right is purely a matter of personal preference and comfort.  There is no meaning or symbolism. 

How many rings can stack on a toe?

Nearly all customers we’ve fit can comfortably stack three rings on their index toe, and for some, as many as 5 or 6. The middle, fourth and pinkie toes can comfortably stack two rings.

Do men wear Toe Rings?

We regularly fit men with Toe Rings, especially sandal lovers and men in beach communities. They usually pick a medium or wide silver band. Women think it’s sexy!

What size do most women wear?

The most common sizes for women are 3, 4, and 5.

What size do most men wear?

The most common sizes for men are 6, 7 and 8.

Will the ring fit my pinkie finger?

Many customers wear their Toe Rings (sized or adjustable) as pinkie or knuckle rings when not enjoying them on their toes.

How do you get the ring over the tip of the toe?

We give detailed instructions on our Get Fitted page.

Do you guarantee the finish on the Toe Rings?

We use only the highest quality metals for our rings.  We guarantee them for defects and fit for 20 days. These rings are worn on the foot, and due to different wearing conditions beyond our control (ie, rough pool bottoms, sand, rocks, etc.) the ring can be scratched and/or damaged. Therefore, we do not guarantee the finish.

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