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Ear FAQ’s

What is an Ear Cuff or an Ear Wrap?

Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps are non-pierced jewelry accessories, which can create the illusion of multiple piercing, or decorate your ear without actually piercing your ear. They hug or wrap the middle or the upper part of the ear. Each Chapman Ear Cuff is custom shaped by hand to insure a quality fit when you receive it.

 Do you wear them as singles or in pairs?

This is purely a matter of personal expression.  But for those of you who need some guidance, we have found that some customers purchase the simple designs, bands and figures as single side accents and others prefer the look of pairs. It is very common to stack 2 or more cuffs on one ear. The more elaborate ”wire and bead” Ear Cuff and the Ear Wrap collection, are usually purchased in pairs.

Do you wear a single Ear Cuff on the left or right side?

For a woman, we recommend the “non phone” ear as the preferred side for a single Ear Cuff. For a man, wear your single Ear Cuff on the same side as your pierced ear.  If you are not pierced, or are not sure which side, wear it on the left.

Do they fall off easily?

With a correct fit, you can wear your Ear Cuff carefree and with confidence. Don’t miss our “GET FIT” link for ears.

Does it hurt to wear an Ear Cuff?

No. If it does, it is not adjusted properly. See our “GET FIT” link.

Can I sleep, swim, or shower in it?

We suggest removing the cuffs for these daily activities, as it may result in the cuff slipping off.

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